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Zhe Jiang United SME Group is a comprehensive financial institution covering investment in equity investment and management, asset management and disposal, high-end wealth management, Pratt & Whitney Finance, securities investment, industrial investment, film and television music culture investment and education industry investment. Group total registered capital of 550 million yuan, the current total asset size has exceeded 20 billion, in 2017, the Group has completed the acquisition of a Hong Kong listed company (stock code: 08366.HK).

Since its establishment, has won a number of industry reputation, in 2016 was named “Asian brand 500”, financial brand positioning to be reflected. Joint venture small and medium-sized enterprise holding group in Zhejiang province financial industry deep plowing for many years, implement the government guidance, vigorously develop “Pratt & Whitney Finance”; now has “private fund managers” (No: P1004580 / No: 1032912), ” (The enterprise code: 209682) and other qualifications; the same time, the Group also manages a number of private equity funds (small and medium enterprises cash flow products, film and television funds, overseas assets), the Shanghai Stock Exchange Trust Center, Allocation of funds, green industry funds, cultural and educational industry funds, the new three board investment funds, Internet of Things industry funds).

At present, the Group has a number of subsidiaries including Zhongbang Equity, Zhongnuo Asset, Joint Fortune, Joint Community, Jiefang Banglang, Langou Culture and so on, including all-round and three-dimensional financial industry, uphold the ” Broaden the financing channels of small and medium enterprises “core values ​​and core concepts, the constant pursuit of excellence in development, for SMEs to provide one-stop financial services.

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